Waldorf Homeschooling

Waldorf education aims to inspire life-long learning in all students and to enable them to fully develop their unique capacities.  Based on a holistic image of the human as body, soul and spirit the curriculum supports the child in their developmental stages.  To ‘ed-ucate’ means to lead or draw out the wisdom that is within.

Waldorf education meets the child with ‘the right thing at the right time’.  While the young child connects to the world through their will in outer activities and play, the grades child is relating to the world through their feelings.  Through schooling the will in the early years and kindergarten, the feelings in the childhood/grades years and thinking in the adolescent/high school years, Waldorf schools an “Education toward Freedom.”  It fosters clarity in the thinking, balance in the feelings, initiative. With these capacities each child is able to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Are you interested in Waldorf homeschooling?  Our class teachers will share their lessons in  weekly online sessions such as the stories, the verses and songs, the crafts and activities that they are presenting to their class.    There will also be a time to share some of the wisdom behind the curriculum for the development stage of the children and observations and discussions about their learning.  We are excited to build community with families who have chosen to educate their children at home and are inspired by a Waldorf approach to education.

​Main Lesson enters intensively into one subject

Waldorf teachers bring the education ‘on the wings of imagination’. Learning through the arts activates the child inwardly and develops their relationship to the subject and to oneself.  A main lesson begins with movement, followed by an oral lesson by the teacher and then the children create the lesson in their ‘main lesson books’.  The early grades begin with a time of movement filled with games, songs, rhymes.  As the children advance recitation, mental math and other exercises prepare the child for lesson work.

The main subjects, such as language arts, science and mathematics are taught through stories. This imaginative approach engages the whole child while they learn.  Following the oral presentation the children work with the lesson in their books with coloured crayons in Grades One and later with coloured pencils. The books include compositions and illustrations that the student creates from the lesson as a means for feeling into the lesson and deepening their learning.  As the children move through the years, a more sequential and logical thought unfolds.  Yet for this stage of development the ability to be fully at home in the pictorial world of imagination remains the child’s most vital asset.

Waldorf education provides a rich curriculum which supports their development and nourishes children so that they love learning, are happy, healthy and whole and are becoming truly themselves.

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