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Northern Lights School is inspired by Waldorf education.

Waldorf is an international independent school movement with a curriculum that has been developed from 100 years of working with research into the stages of child and human development. 

Guided by the philosophy, understanding of the stages of human development and practices of Waldorf education, teachers meet the children through their own understanding, imagination, compassion and creativity.

For Waldorf teachers the Waldorf curriculum stands behind them, in a supportive role.

Waldorf teachers are freed from the demands of the Ministry of Education curriculum and standardized tests which face teachers in public education and drive a results based approach.

For Waldorf teachers the child is at the centre of the education.

The teacher meets each child and the group anew each day, crafting the day from the daily needs of the children.

It is the creativity of each Waldorf teacher that feeds the life forces and spirit of each child.

Parents sense an enthusiasm in the teachers that builds for the child a love for learning, their teacher and being at school.

​Waldorf is an education for the head, heart and hands.

The daily program moves between practical life skills and play for the hands; the arts for the heart and social/emotional skills; and academics for the head and cultural development.

Waldorf inspired education meets the child as an individual, allowing the unfolding of each child’s unique human spirit.

Waldorf education is not a pedagogical system but an art – the art of awakening what is actually there within the human being.”

Rudolf Steiner




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