Community Supported Education

These two years of the great re-set have been a gift and a challenge to families and children.  School and home life is changing and we are all wondering if and when we will be going back to ‘normal’. We invite you to go forward with a new model of home, family and education for the     2021-22 school year.

Northern Lights School will offer its programs in homes with 5 children.  Small groups of children will create more stability and safety for the coming year.  Homes will not be affected by school closings.  The program will be ‘in person’ and not through e-learning.   The ‘bubble’ of 5 children will learn and play together throughout the year.  Homes will be identified as the groups of 5 families come together.

Kindergarten will be 2 or 3 full days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The day will be from 9:00 to 3:00.  They will be with their teacher Ms. Liisa.  Liisa would like to join with parents in supporting the children and family life.  Playgroups for Thursday and Fridays may form amongst the families and build a community of parents and children.

The grades will be a 4 day a week program. Monday and Tuesday will be with their teacher from 9:00 to 3:00, with the Main Lesson in the mornings.  Wednesday and Thursday can be either at home with a parent or in one of the homes of their classmates.  We would like to encourage  parents of the 5 children to co-operate together to host the 2 days at home, as they are able.

The program material for Wednesday and Thursday mornings will be provided by the teacher.  The parents will be supported by a weekly Zoom call with the teacher. It will be a time to hear about the program the children are following, the week’s work, and to share observations and insights about the children and their learning.

Waldorf education is a holistic and transformative education; rich in wisdom stories, academics enriched by the arts, practical skills, festivals and nature experiences. It is our hope that the parents will be nourished by their child’s educational journey. We look toward a school that will become a learning community of children, parents and teachers.

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